Women's Consignment Okotoks
Women's Consignment Okotoks

Consign With Us

At Rhoda's we strive to make the entire consignment process simple, efficient, and profitable for you. Follow these steps to start consigning:

1. Gather the items you wish to sell.

We are always accepting new or like-new designer fashions

2. Bring your items to our store

No appointment necessary. We will evaluate your items while you wait and let you know what we can accept for sale in the store.

3. We price and display your items

We price items based on knowledge of designer brands, current trends and many years of industry experience. Each month we will reduce the price by approximately 25%.

4. Collect your cash

Congratulations, you can now come by and collect your portion of the final sale price.

Consignment Questions

Q. What kind of clothes do you accept?

We are always accepting new or like-new fashions, items should be:

  • Designer or high-end fashions and accessories.
  • Within 3 years of original purchase.
  • In very good condition with little sign of wear.
  • Clean*. We cannot accept items that have stains or odours.
    * Washed, not dry cleaned. We will let you know if any items need to be dry cleaned .

It is also important to note that we accept items on a season schedule:

  • Spring/Summer items are accepted January until July
  • Fall/Winter items are accepted July until December

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

No. If you have like-new fashions that you wish to sell, simply bring your items to our store. Our friendly staff will then evaluate them and let you know what we will accept.

Q. Do clothes need to be on a hanger?

No. We prefer that you bring your items in a bag or a box. We will lightly steam all clothing for proper presentation before it goes on sale.

Q. What percentage do I get?

Once your items sell you get 40% of the sale price.

Q. What happens if my items don’t sell?

Items that don’t sell after 3 months are donated to our favourite non-profit organization, the Women In Need Society.

Q. How do I check my account?

Simply call or come by the store. Any of our friendly staff can tell you what is owing to you. You can collect your money at any point, or let it build on your account and use it as in-store credit. Your money will stay on your account until you use it or take it. Your money will not expire. If you simply want the balance on your account, you can call us and we would be glad to help you.


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