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Denim Pocket


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Consignment Policy
  • We take seasonally.  Spring & summer is taken during March - August, and fall & winter is taken during September - February.


  • We have two clearance sales a year at the end of both take in seasons. All items remaining on the floor go 50% off during those sales.

  • Items are also subject to flash sales at any time.


  • Please bring your items folded in bags, not on hangers.


  • Please ensure your items are freshly laundered, and in new or like-new condition.


  • We go through your items on the spot (wait times are usually 10-20 minutes), and you must take any items we don't accept with you.


  • We take items based on brand, style and age. We only take items we think will sell. Rhoda’s staff gets final say on pricing.


  • At any time, Rhoda’s will donate items we deem to be stained, damaged, have odours or are too dated without notifying the consignor.


  • You get 40% of what your items sell for. That money automatically goes into an account under your name. If it's under $50 you can use it as store credit, if its over $50 you can use it as store credit or take a cash payout. The money never expires.


  • Your items will stay on the sales floor for 3 months, and will be marked down toward the end of that period. If items do not sell after that time period, they get donated to WINS (Women In Need Society). There is NO pickup option.


  • The Consignment Policy is subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understand the most recent version.

Brands our clients love:

We carry all styles of clothing from activewear

to business attire and formal wear. 

Leading brands include:

  • Lululemon

  • Coach

  • Fossil

  • Ray-Ban

  • Levi’s

  • Eileen Fisher

  • Johnny Was

  • Kate Spade

  • Frye

  • Vince

  • Club Monaco

  • Aritzia brands

  • Anthropologie brands

  • Free People

  • Ugg

  • Madewell

  • Equipment

How we choose:
  • We focus on quality, we ask that all items brought in are in great condition meaning:







Some styles sell better than others and we keep a close eye on what our customers are purchasing including the brands, sizes and requests. 


Some of our sections are smaller than others, so we will be cautious not to over fill sections that are already full. Bring in your consignment items early to extend their selling time. 


The items we accept are both current in style and brand.  Our general rule of thumb is requesting items be 2 years or less in age to help maximize their selling potential.

We accept FALL & WINTER


We accept SPRING & SUMMER 



This is another area that sets up apart from thrift. We accept mid-range through to high end items and try to stay away from 'fast fashion'.


We keep an updated list of brands we do not carry by our sales counter and in the 'FAQ' section of this page. 


Our entire team is trained on quickly sorting drop off items and helping our customers make the most of their consigned items.


The key reason we choose our items is that we strongly believe it will sell.


This helps set us apart from being viewed as 'thrift' and our consigners and customers get to recognize us as #UPSCALERESALE!

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